Friday, December 14, 2012

How to check CheckedListBox item with single click in Windows Forms Application?

If you want that when you check an item in CheckedListBox control in Windows Forms Application the item to be checked from first click there is a trick you need to do it.
As I developed more with Asp.Net, web applications, it was very awkward for me that when I checked the item in checkedListBox control it did not checked it but rather kind of selected it.
Well, in order to answer your question you have to make only one modification: select the control and then press Alt + Enter for Properties and then look for CheckOnClick property. Set it on True.

There you go :)
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How to get rid of 'Saving Changes Is Not Permitted On SQL Server 2008 Management Studio'?

Well that is really annoying. Isn't it? This often happens when you want to alter a table: change data type on existing columns or change allow null on existing columns.
Good, so how do you get rid of this warning: Saving changes is not permitted ?

These are the steps:
1.Open Microsoft Sql Server Management Studio 2008 (I guess it is already opened)
2.Go to Tools(in menu) and click Options
3.Click Designers
4. and Uncheck 'Prevent saving changes that require table re-creation' option
5.Go OK and retry alter your table.

Here is a print screen.

There you go. Continue programming.